MUSICIAN Baba Harare is set to release a video next week titled Mitoro, which he collaborated with Kubata Kwashe choral group.

Baba Harare said he was impressed with the song when he bumped into Kubata Kwashe choral group and decided to merge with the sect.

“I met the choral group at Lyton Ngolomi’s studio when they were rehearsing the track and it was captivating and it made me want to sing some lines.

“I told them that their song is good.

“And the group saw how interested I was when I was listening to the song and they asked me to join.

“That is how we got to collaborate on this song,” said Baba Harare.

“We are going to release the video certainly next week.

“I promise to all my fans that the song will have exciting visuals,” he added.

The Ramba Wakadzvanya singer said the song is peculiar and different from other songs being released by other apostolic sects.

“People should expect a unique sound and new style from this collaboration as compared to other songs in the apostolic sects.

“There will be a keyboard sound on a low note in that song.

“The visuals will also be storytelling and exciting, and there is also a Congolese artiste by the name Dispatch in the song, and he will be singing in his own language.

“It is a must watch video,” he told H-Metro.

Baba Harare has three albums to his name, namely Chikwama Changu, Minamato Yarasta and Ramba Wakadzvanya



Source: Hmetro


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