Red Fox reopens

RED Fox Hotel is back!

The once popular home of reggae and dancehall a few years back is set to reopen its doors on May 25.

Located in Greendale opposite Food Lovers Market, the joint opens under new management with the opening night mainly centred on the return of MaRasta Nights.

The official opening event will feature Harare’s top dancehall deejays like Templeman and Garry B, Abisha Palmer and 2 Bad, Big Yard and MC Prophet representing the dancehall side of things.

Female wheel-spinner King Her and Game recognise Game duo Ash Styles and Nivek are expected to add flair and bring a different feel to show showcasing other genres of music.

Speaking to H-Metro, Prominance Makaza, the Red Fox representative said:

“Red Fox reopens on May 25, a day we join other countries in commemorating Africa Day celebrations.

“We have a massive opening bash on cards in-conjunction with the Africa Day celebrations with the capital’s top deejays.

“The venue has also been revamped to provide a new elegant ambience for night life lovers.

“Our service is of note too as we promise some fine service in and outside the venue.”

He added:

“Issues to do with parking and security are a no worry for our people.”

“We have an entertaining calendar set with a number of shows line up that include local, regional and international acts.”


Source: H-Metro


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